Batzal RoofDesigner 1.4.6 3DsMax 2009-2012 x32 x64

Download Batzal Roof Designer 1.4.6 for 3DsMax 2009 - 2012 Win 32Bit&64Bit

Batzal Roof Designer for 1.4.6 3DsMax 2012 Win 32Bit&64Bit
What is Batzal Software Roof Designer?
Roof Designer is a plug-in for 3D Studio Max for creating 3D roofs;
Whether you are creating a fast rendering textured roof or a top quality roof covered with mesh tiles, The Roof Designer plug-in can save you precious time;
Working with Roof Designer
Roof Designer keeps your mesh

faces flat while you manipulate their slopes;
This way the roof can be easily modeled using the top view of your sketches;
Roofs imported from other CAD software can also be used;
Roof Designer automatically texture your roof and can also cover it with mesh tiles;

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